Checklist to begin treatment

Before you start treatment you will want to make sure you have prepared your child for the journey ahead.

Checklist to begin treatment

Below are some of the points that should help you get off to a good start. 

  • Research: Find information about the growth disorder for yourself and your child.
  • Discuss: Talk to your child - explain their treatment to them, what it involves and also what positive effects it should have for them in the future.
  • Question: Ask how your child feels and discuss any worries they may have
  • Prepare: Write down some questions for the nurse or doctor who will be telling you all about the treatments and what you will need to do
    • Make sure you understand what the treatment is, how often you will need to give it and what you will need to do
    • Discuss any worries about the treatment with your doctor – make a separate appointment without your child. 
  • Share: Discuss what will be happening with siblings and other family members so they are aware and can help out
  • Reward: Set up rewards for your child for each milestone (e.g. first treatment, first week) before you start treatment, and get them involved from the start – choosing or designing their own rewards chart for example. 

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