Patient and support groups

Patient organisations and support groups can provide invaluable information and support for you and your child. They can be a really useful point of contact for discussing issues affecting you and your child, and can provide a chance to meet others going through the same issues. 

We have listed a selection below, according to country. Country codes apply for all telephone numbers. 


Association Libre d’Information sur Croissance des Enfants "Silver Russell"
30, rue du Brocsous, 1325 Chaumont, Gistoux Belgium 
Tel: 0479 25 81 41 for Belgium
Tel: +32 479 25 81 41 for France and Quebec

"Alice" helps families of children with Silver Russell disease. 


Prader-Willi France
69 Rue des Ebavous, TERRACE 38660, France

The Prader-Willi France association was established in 1996 to educate families and professionals about Prader-Willi and help improve the lives of people with Prader-Willi. The association has nearly 700 children and adults with the syndrome.

Association Grandir
24 rue Hector G., Fontaine 92600, Asnieres sur Seine, France
Tel: 01 47 90 87 61

Association of Parents of Children with Growth Problems.

30 rue Charles Peguy, 49000 Angers, France

Association supporting children, families and friends suffering from Silver Russell or born small for their gestational age (SGA).


Bundesverband Kleinwüchsige Menschen und ihre Familien e. V.
Leinestraße 2, 28199 Bremen, Germany
Tel: 0421-336169-0

A federal Association of short stature people and their families.

Prader Willi Syndrom Vereinigung
Mühlenstr. 16, 29221 Celle, Germany
Tel: 0 51 41/3 74 73 27

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association Germany eV., supporting people with Prader Willi syndrome. 


Foundation Child and Growth
PO Box 23068/3001 KB Rotterdam Visiting Westzeedijk 106/3016 AH Rotterdam, Netherlands
Tel: 010-22515 33

Foundation Child and Growth is the national center of expertise in the area of growth and development in children. As a foundation, they pursue the following objectives: promoting research into the causes of growth and development in children, evaluating existing and new treatment methods and advising patients and physicians. Thus, the foundation focuses on three main tasks: 1. Scientific research 2. The  assessment and  recording of growth hormone treatment in children and 3. The sharing of information to stakeholders.

Belangenvereniging Of Little People
BVKM, PO Box 3152, 2130 KD HOOFDDORP, Netherlands

The Belangenvereniging aims to represent the collective and individual interests of persons who have growth disorders. 

Dutch Society for Growth Hormone Deficiency and Growth Hormone Treatment (NVGG)
Antwoordnummer 304, 4200 VB Gorinchem, Netherlands

The NVGG is a national patient organisation for children and adults treated with growth hormone.

Turner Netherlands
Contact form:

The Turner Netherlands association supports its members with mutual contact, information and advocacy. Contact with fellow sufferers themselves is particularly important in a variety of issues. It also has useful information for those who have to deal with Turner Syndrome.

Prader-Willi Syndroom
Contact form:

The Association's task is to provide information on Prader-Williamson and Angelman syndrome to parents, but also provide information to physicians and other care providers. Promoting parent-parent contact is another important goal, as well as the promotion of (medical) research into both syndromes.


Asociation Españiola para el Síndrome de Prader Willi
Cl. Río Ter, 2. 28913, Leganés, Madrid, Spain
Tel: 91 533 68 29

The fundamental objective of the Spanish COLLAGE Prader Willi Syndrome Association is to protect and support, with educational provision and social integration of people diagnosed with Prader - Willi syndrome and their families, throughout the national territory.


Prader-Willi föreningen i Sverige
Krongatan 9A, 632 26 Eskilstuna, Sweden 
Tel: 070-6980821 

PWS Association in Sweden aims to bring together people with Prader-Willi syndrome, their families and relatives, as well as staff at home, schools, kindergartens and various medical facilities.


Child Growth Foundation
21 Malvern Drive, Sutton Coldfield, B76 1PZ, UK 
Tel: 0208 912 0722 /  0208 912 0723

The Child Growth Foundation is the charity that cares throughout life for the children who do not grow, or grow too much, and is also the umbrella organisation for the following support groups.

Restricted growth
Tel: 0300 111 1970  

The Restricted Growth Association (RGA) is a registered charity (No 261647) that provides information and support to people of restricted growth and their families. They have a membership comprised of full members, their families and friends, and medical professionals with an interest in restricted growth.

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